Other Projects

Empower Young Mind

Empower a youngster by supporting him or her to complete their higher education. Education will open job opportunities and in turn give them economic independence and hence change their lives and also their family’s for better.

Project Budget :

Rs. 20,000

Create a Classroom

Support to provide necessary infrastructure like chairs and desks for students of a class to study comfortably

Project Budget :

Rs. 35,000

Economic Independence
Create Skills

Help a woman / man to be skilled in the art of ‘Tailoring’

Project Budget :

Rs. 7,500

Self Employment

Support a person to generate income for themselves and their family. Help buy a ‘Sewing Machine’

Project Budget :

Rs. 12,000

Create a Kitchen Garden

Most families in rural India do not have access to quality food like fruits and vegetables. A Kitchen Garden in one’s own backyard will provide healthy and nourishing food and the surplus can be sold in the market to supplement the family’s income

Project Budget :

Rs. 15,000

Check Dams

The main the source of income for the people in rural India comes from farming. The main worry for farmers is inadequate rain fall . The lack of sufficient water throughout the year is a major set back for the farmers,resulting in crop failure and extreme hardship for the farmer in sustaining their families. Let us help harvest rain water by building Check Dams and creating a water reserve for the people of a village for farming and livestock.

Project Budget :

Rs. 3,50,000

Live Stock

In ancient times ‘The Cow’ was revered the same way as a mother is. This is true for the present day also.The milk co-operatives are a shining example how having a cow has helped sustain lacks of
families. The milk from the cow has provided nourishment for the entire family, selling the surplus has also helped in generating income for the family. So donate a livestock and help make a family ‘Self Reliant

Project Budget :

Rs. 30,000

Build Toilet

The lack of toilets in the villages creates health and hygiene issues. Believe it or not this is one of the main causes of girls dropping out of schools. Let us improve the health of rural India and bring the girl child back to school.

Project Budget :

Rs. 25,000