Message from the Foundation

Ajay_Chopra_The_Change_FoundationAs per the definition in Oxford Dictionary , Change means, Make or become different. An act or process through which something becomes different. As per Change is defined as ‘To make a form, nature, content, future course etc of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone. Any definition that we look at we surely know Change is about making a difference to the current state. The difference for many can be a state of betterment or a state of improvement from existing status but for a much bigger majority the difference can be between life and death between surviving and living and yes between existing and finding reasons to experience life as it’s supposed to be for every one. What would it mean to you If YOU knew that YOU have the POWER to bring about this change , to know that YOU can be that CHANGE ? As a great soul has once written ” what a grey thought it is that each one of us has the power to …,,” Most of us and actually all of us want good things to happen to all . Each one of us also desires to be the reason for those changed in others lives .

What stops us is generally either of the following thoughts:

  • This is not my responsibility there are agencies / bodies who should be solving these issues. I can comment on those but can’t be expected to act.

  • The size of problem is too big for any individual to make a difference.

  • The problem required huge resources to get solved. An individual can not put up such resources

  • I shall look at it later when I have the time

Well each of the thought is genuine and correct. However allow us to put up a perspective for each of them : The responsibility of State or elected government can not be denied . We elect them to handle our problems as also do all developmental works. However no elected body can be held responsible in isolation of the society in which it exists. The society and we all as individual members of same can not shirk away our role in joining hands with the elected govt to bring about the changes that we desire . If we want a society that we desire a nation that we can be proud of then we shall have to ensure we do our part too. It’s like in a corporate the team can’t leave it’s running to the top management and expect it to be successful . There is no doubt that we as a nation face humungous problems. They stare at us from every aspect of our current socio economic status . It’s also a fact that most of the time the size and magnitude of the problems appear daunting to say the least. Is making an effort to change just one person’s life in our life time a too big ask for any one of us ? This also addresses the resource issue as no one is being asked to provide for millions.However has anyone ever won a race without taking the first step on track? Has any mountain been ever climbed without taking the first step on the climb? The fact is that the only credible way of looking at a problem is by breaking into several solvable parts. This is also a fact that any problem , any climb , any marathon can suddenly appear easier and achievable the moment we take the first step . There is also a startling fact when we apply this to problems relating to human population in our country. We have a status that about half of our mammoth population today faces challenges of decent existence . This appears frightening when seen in this manner but what if we were to say that the problem is actually very very simple because all that is required is that every one person with resources just takes care of one person who needs help. Is making an effort to change just one person’s life in our life time a too big ask for any one of us ? This also addresses the resource issue as no one is being asked to provide for millions. We firmly believe that if a cause or a reason moves us enough then time or any other constraint can never be limiting factor for us. TCF is our attempt to create and set up a credible and transparent medium for all those who want to be part of Change.