Our Focus Areas

We all know that we do not live in a perfect world. We also know that there are thousands of issues waiting to be addressed, huge number of challenges requiring action and a plethora of problems awaiting answers.The risk is that one can get lost and lose focus if we do not chose where and exactly what we want to look at so that at least on those areas with our humble efforts we can bring some change and see some positive actions.

The foundation therefore has chosen the following areas of actions

A Child

Education is a basic right and without the same a person is in no position to face the world and to create a life that will be honorable. We believe that this is probably the biggest challenge in India today and requires to be addressed with all possible might and intent. This also includes infrastructure issues as well as approach and reach of facilities.

The Hungry

Food and being fed is a basic right. We believe that no demand can be raised on anyone without at least taking care of this basic right. We would therefore want to address this issue where ever it exists . The intent is not to distribute free food or give away free lunches but to create the ability for the individual to be able to get two square meals.

The Skills

We believe that this point is related to both of above points and if addressed properly can help us in working on the earlier two areas also. There is a huge need to develop skills amongst people who are currently either uneducated or not properly educated or have been surviving on skills that no longer can support them.

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The Health

One of the biggest challenge that we face in Rural India is the lack if not the complete absence of even basic health services. Medical care and health care issues make living in the rural areas a daily survival challenge. This again includes infrastructure and linkages to facilities where they exist. This can also include training, education, awareness and skill creation for at least basic need management.