Project Mogya & Save Tigers

About the Project

Action : adopting children from Mogya tribal community who are traditional poachers and thus any support to them will help Save Tigers in the tiger reserve area. The children are being educated and all their requirements are being taken care of to ensure they move away from poaching and other similar acts. 10 children have been adopted this year . The program will continue till the children selected are made self sufficient by way of education and skill development.

Project Budget:

Rs. 4 Lacs per annum


Ranthambhor, Rajasthan

Execution Partner:

Tiger watch

Contribution/support can be made as under:

For sponsoring a child:

Rs. 3300/- per month (USD 66)

For sponsoring education of a child:

Rs 1100/- per month (USD 22)

For sponsoring living expenses of a child:

Rs 1200/- per month ( USD 24)

The Change Foundation supports a project at Ranthambhor, Rajasthan.

We have children from Tribal community of Mogya in this. The children are being provided education and better living facilities to ensure they grow up to become responsible and independent citizens of country.

Recently an activity was organized to give them exposure to the Parasailing !! The kids loved it of course !!

Project Photographs