Know the Change

Does TCF receive Government funding?

The Change Foundation is registered with the Charity commissioner office, Maharashtra as a Non Profit Charitable Trust. Its registeration number is E-30315 (please see our certificate here). As a NGO , the foundation is not entitled to any state funding.

How does TCF support its activities?

Currently TCF is being funded by the promoters however the plan is to collect funds from like-minded people and corporates. TCF will also later on create its own income generation activities so that resources for projects being undertaken can be generated.

How does TCF choose the projects that it will work on?

TCF has identified its focus areas (listed and detailed on Focus Area Page) and limits its projects to activities that come within the focus areas. TCF has also mandated itself to currently work in rural areas only. However within the selected areas TCF is open to receive project suggestions (Please refer contact us page)

How does TCF work at ground level?

TCF works through its execution partners who have teams in areas where projects are underway and who can ensure the funds are utilized properly. Currently we have two partners as under:

  1. KARM
  2. Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha

How do I know that my contribution will not be wasted or mis appropriated?

TCF shall update each project on its website every quarter and as it moves forward. This shall include a complete update on funds collected and used. Every person/ organization contributing shall get an individual statement of account detailing the use of the contribution and its status. TCF shall also welcome every contributor to visit and inspect progress of projects.

Can I contribute in any manner other than funds?

Please refer Contact us page on the website.We genuinely believe that donations of ideas and efforts are far superior to money. We shall welcome everyone who feels they have suggestions and ideas or have time and resources to contribute.

Will I get income tax deduction certificate from TCF for my contributions made?

Yes the foundation has got 80 G deduction and all donors to its projects can get the benefit of same.