We introduce to you Pooja. She comes from a small dusty town ‘Sirohi

We introduce to you Pooja. She comes from a small dusty town ‘Sirohi’ in Southern Rajasthan. Pooja completed her senior secondary schooling in the year 2013. She joined Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur for her graduation in 2014 and is now in her second year of same. Pooja is an accomplished badminton player and a shooter. She has played at state level in both the sports. She is also a NCC cadet and has passed the certificate A examination with top grades.

All this was achieved despite the fact that she had lost her father in 2009 as her mother continued to support her for all her dreams and goals. Unfortunately Pooja also lost her mother last year and with her death the only earning member of the family was also gone.This created a situation that she was finding it difficult to continue her education and complete the under graduate program.

Pooja reached out to the Foundation and is now being supported under the ‘Education Scholarship’ program. We hope Pooja shall complete her education and shall become an independent responsible citizen of the country. We also hope that she will bring some laurels for the state she represents in the sports of badminton and shooting.

Pooja is one of the many children being supported by the Foundation under its Education Scholarship program. If you know of any child who needs support to complete his/her studies please provide us the details. If you will like to contribute to this program please write to us.
Helping someone study and get educated is the best possible support that anyone can provide. Every educated child helps bring positive change to the society and the nation.

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