Celebrating World Wetland Day – Mogya Education Program

On 2nd Feb 2015, on the eve of World Wetland Day, the Tiger Cell of Forest Department of Ranthambhore organized a bird-watching trip for the kids of Mogya Education Program of Tiger Watch. Mrs. Zaara Kidwai of the Tiger Cell accompanied the kids to Surwal Lake, a local wetland just 10 km from Ranthambhore National Park and a very important site for migratory birds. The inquisitive and enthusiastic kids were overwhelmed by the beauty and bird diversity. The kids were trained to spot and identify different birds and make using of binoculars and bird identifying field guides.

The trip was followed by a visit to Ranthambhore National Park where the Mogya kids enjoyed the serene beauty of nature and learned about the importance of forests and wildlife. Such a novel way of celebrating World Wetland Day was a unique experience for the Mogya students, some of whom have already initiated bird-watching as a hobby post the trip.